"If you're not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break Journal

My word for my spring break sketchbook is "views and vistas" - so everything I see is my subject! :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Personal

I've never been a fan of politics. But really, what bothers me the most, is when people decide their opinions aren't opinions any more - they're facts. Sure, that's somtimes true, but more often than not they're just a point of view. I'm more than happy to listen to anyone's opinions (as long as they aren't yelling at me or each other, then no thanks) but at the end of the day, I'm going to have my own opinions. If someone can convince me, or anyone else, their opinion is true then that's great for them - they're doing a good job being politically active. I think that America needs everyones opinions in order to work - if everyone thought the same way, our country would be pretty boring. My personal views are pretty split between the republicans and democrats. But me, I don't think I'll ever have that burning desire. To me, it's personal. Whatever connection you have with the country, the government, and politics is up to you - and no one can control it. So whether you're a devout politician, or can barely remember the candidates names - as long as you're invested in your opinions I respect that. Maybe I'm too passive, maybe I always will be, but I'm happy like that. As far as I'm concerned I don't have to tell anyone how to think. 
It's about individuality.
It's about everyone's opinions
It's personal.
It's patriotic. 

The Final Product:

Good job, flag. You did well.
Thank you to my beautiful flag, Lindsey Patrick, for letting me paint her.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Challenge Prospectus - Steel Rods

So I think my phone posted the pictures in the reverse order of how I described them... sorry about that, hopefully it isn't too confusing.

Ok, so my prospectus idea is kind of complicated but I am really excited about it. I plan to use about SIX OR SEVEN STEEL RODS to hang different layers of an image from. As Smitty compared the idea to, it sort of resembles a set. Some images I thought of depicting were a forest, an ocean scene, or a garden (which is currently my favorite and shown in my previous post). Each rod would have a different layer of the image hanging from it. For instance, in the garden scene, the first rod would have hanging greenery hanging from it (the inspiration came from the greenery in Smitty's ofice over her desk). The second layer would have some shrubbery and flowers on the ground; this would obviously be suspended far lower than the hanging greenery at the top of the scneery so I would use fishing line. Progressing backwards, each layer would hold another piece of garden scenery, like a rose bush, background shrubbery, or a lattice that all fit together to create one image. From the front, the "set" would look like kind of like a 3D (that's not the best word but I'm not sure what is) image of a pretty garden. However, from the side, the viewer would be able to see the spaces in between layers. Each layer would have its basic shape cut out of probably a fairly thick cardboard, and then covered with a prettier, better material to work off of. Maybe I could paint each layer, but right now I kind of like the idea of painting a base color but creating variations in color, texture, and dimension by building details off of each layer with crumpled tissue paper (and maybe whatever other materials inspire me).

I'm pretty excited about doing a sculpture project; I haven't done one since sophomore year. My hope is to play with negative space, new materials, a hanging piece, motion, and working big! Hopefully it all works out - I think it could turn out great!!! :) 

Prospectus Sketches: Steel Rods

The first picture is what I would hope the scene to look like from the front.
The second is a little bit more of a description of my ideas. The third is a 3/4 view of my idea. The fourth is a description of how I would create the image on each layer. Sorry if the sketches aren't too helpful - the idea is a bit confusing but I think it'll be cool!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Figure Drawing Classes

Last week was pelvis week and I have to say I was partial to last weeks theme over this week's "torsos." This week we've done homework drawings of torsos and an in class drawing train.
Next project will incorporate figure drawing in the form of a 3/4 to full body self portrait... I'm excited and got my first real idea today. Hopefully more ideas come to me but luckily I have time to think!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Shopclass as Soulcraft

If I were to become a trades worker I think I would have to choose becoming a construction worker. Not on roads or things like that, but to build houses. Frankly, I couldnt exactjy see myself pursuing a career in the trades but if it camedown to it this is what I would pick. As a construction worker I would be able to be outdoors and also working on homes. I really enjoy the process of creating a home, from architectural design to interior design (both careers I see as possibilities for myself).

How does the author suggest we determine the value of our work?

The author of "Shopclass as Soulcraft"suggests we measure the value of our work by usefulness. I agree with the author in many of his assertions that often times trades workers can be more useful than ultra-wealthy cubicle workers. However, I found more value in the authors concession statement that for some people, knowledge jobs are more fufilling. This leads me to believe that part of the usefulness the author is discussing is happiness, or a sense of accomplishment for the worker. Also, part of this idea of usefulness, if it is connected to happines is also connected to the happiness of others. So, like Smitty said, directing reality TV may not solve a problem or further workers' knowledge like a mechanic, there is a shread of usefulness still applicable to the dumber parts of the entertainment industry because of the happiness they bring people, whether or not it is the best form of entertainment around.
The other key message I took away from the reading was the idea of self-sufficiency. Obviously not everyone can be completely self-sufficient but the value of having multiple abilities, even if they have not been mastered, is important. If a specialized worker has some ability to use his or her hands to complete a task separate from their profession there is not only value in that because they are able to solve more everyday problems but also there is more of a connection to the world around them and more respect for people of other professions. Lastly, the more skilled workers are in the United States, or the more people that are willing to learn to have a skill, the fewer jobs will be sent overseas.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

transition period

The lion is done as of about one hour ago... Thank god. I like the way it turned out overall. Bob gave me my favorite critique response - that it's a self portrait. And he's right... About a third of my way through my piece I started thinking of it as just that. That, and I thought it would look cool. A little cartoony and the color, pattern, and subject matter were the focus. Result? Acceptable. Happy about the self portrait. There's a bunch of pictures of the process that I hope to post soon.. But here's the final!